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YouTube taps machine learning to serve the best contextual ads for each user

Nov 7, 2019 | Commentary

The online video platform, Youtube, now allows online marketers to manage their ad campaigns. From ads that can be skipped, to banner ads, and even pre-video surveys, marketers can choose the media that best fits their audience. On top of that, Youtube has utilized it's artificial intelligence and machine learning so that advertisers can more easily reach their desired audience. For example, the same user for the same video may see a different type of ad on mobile, as opposed to a laptop. This new release may revolutionize the online advertising industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sponsors will be able to choose from several different platform formats
  • The ability to maintain multiple campaigns in one initial setup will be a new option
  • There have been billions of dollars invested in video marketing over the past several years

“The company said the new tool uses aggregated and anonymized audience data, covering hundreds of real-time data points, to predict the attention level users will have for specific ads.”

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