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Get Found on Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

With our proprietary, whitehat SEO process – we can improve your organic rankings and boost visibility in Google’s search results on both a local and national level.
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Get Found

with Search Engine Optimization

Turn your website into your most profitable marketing tool!

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the process of optimizing a website so that it shows up on the first page in organic (natural) search results of the search engines such as Google. In simple words, SEO works to increase your website's relevance and authority for specific searches related to your products or services, so that your website appears higher within the online search results.

A successful SEO campaign consists of many elements such as site audit and on-site optimization, keyword research, content optimization, in conjunction with off-site SEO strategies that work together towards a single goal and helps your website grow in the long term.

Our tailored, proprietary and affordable SEO solutions will sky-rocket your business to new heights by using the most effective on-page and off-page SEO practices, to give you top visibility in online search.

Our SEO Services Include

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In-Depth Website Analysis

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Keyword Research

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Competitor Research and Analysis

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SEO Plan Development

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On-Page Website Optimization

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Meta Tag and Code Updates

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Website Speed Optimization

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Directory Submissions

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Press Releases

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Content Silos

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Super Secret, Special Sauce SEO Strategy

Sorry, we can't share exactly what it is, but let's just say….   it worrrrrrks


% of Marketing Savvy Business Owners Who Say That SEO is Their Most Efficient and Highest ROI Marketing Strategy

Getting to the top of the search engine rankings – and staying there – takes a dedicated, well-rounded team SEO and digital marketing professionals. Our SEO strategy includes traffic-driving activities like blog writing, guest posting, social media posting, article and press release distribution, and a strategic and aggressive content strategy. The most effective white hat SEO strategy needs to earn links legitimately through quality content and link outreach, and our team are experts at just that. At River City Marketing, we have the experience and knowledge needed to help you achieve maximum search engine positioning.

To learn more about implementing top rankings through SEO for your website, contact RAD Web Marketing today for a no-obligation consultation.


What does the top "organic" ranking mean?

To be ranked #1 in the organic search results, this means that you rank at hte top of all of the “earned” search results positions.  Typically there are paid or sponsored positions above the organic search results, but they are indicated as “sponsored” or “advertisements” – and more than 68% of searchers will choose to click on an organic search result over a paid ad.

Do you do "Blackhat" SEO?

In short, no.  Our strategies are all white hat and ensure that we use only the standard best practices for web site optimization and search engine optimization. While you may read that some black hat SEO techniques can provide quick results- they almost always end up harming the site in the long run, with penalties and even bans from the search results pages.  Our goal is long term visibility and sustainability, and we work to ensure our clients have top positions for years to come.  

How long does SEO take?

Because of Google’s constantly changing algorithms, optimization is an ongoing process. In addition to this, there are fluctuations in the ranking of the website, as well as competitive response – once you take over the top positions, you'll have more people targeting you to regain those positions, or push you into a lower spot, so SEO is best considered as a long term investment into premium visibility.  It  usually takes around 8-12 weeks for the website to show significant and stable improvements (depending on how competitive your niche is). Please note that this is only a ballpark number and that there can be no guarantees. Google is famous for notorious regular updates to their ranking algorithm.  It is entirely possible that one strategy made a significant difference today, will not have the same impact, come tomorrow.   Our job is to stay on top of those changes and adapt, to keep you in the top positions for as long as possible.

Are You Ready to get FOund online, in the organic search Results through our highly effective SEO services?

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