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The 4 Critical Steps to Landing Page Optimization

Nov 5, 2019 | Commentary

The number one goal of your landing page should be to turn your visitors into returning customers. You can do this through four key steps that results in a more optimized landing page. The first step is to provide an offer that has a catchy headline and a call to action. Creating a user-friendly form should be the second-step in landing page optimization, since they provide visitors with a hassle-free way to take action towards your offer.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most critical part of your landing page is your offer, which should include both a headline extolling the benefits of your product, and a call to action — a deal or discount of some kind.
  • You need a quick, easy-to-use form where visitors can provide you their information with a minimum of time and hassle.
  • You need to include elements designed to increase visitors’ trust, including publications’ trust icons and authentic user testimonials and feedback.

“Optimizing your landing page is the only way that you are going to stand a chance at making the sale.”

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