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Instagram Posts Can Now Be Scheduled in Advance Through Facebook

Nov 3, 2019 | Commentary

Facebook is actually the parent company of Instagram, and now marketers can use Facebook's marketing tools to schedule Instagram posts in advanced. This marketing tool is called Facebook’s Creator Studio, and advertisers can schedule traditional Instagram posts and IGTV videos up to six months in the future. Before this integrated feature, business owners would have to schedule posts through third-party apps such as Sprout Social or HubSpot. These options, however, came with much more limitations when compared to Facebook’s Creator Studio.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social media marketing has been streamlined so that you can schedule Instagram posts ahead of time via Facebook.
  • Digital marketers can use Facebook’s Creator Studio to plan IGTV video content and Instagram posts six months ahead of time.
  • To utilize Instagram scheduling, you must have Facebook Business and Instagram Business accounts.

“Instagram posts can now be scheduled in advance through Facebook, the platform’s parent company.”

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