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Why AI Will Be a Key Part of Your Team, Not a Replacement via @adzooma

Jan 3, 2020 | Commentary

AI is already in our lives as we use Netflix and other tools that require data to function. All of those recommendations used in Netflix and other websites to streamline a personalize the experience for everybody is all because of AI. Customer behavior is much more predictable with algorithms in place to ensure that ads and recommendations are put in front of the right audience. Adzooma helps with optimizing the business practice of paid advertisements and recommendations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adzooma uses AI to help its clients optimize their PPC campaigns, interpret information and make tasks more efficient.
  • AI has a crucial role in allowing PPC marketers to make sense of huge amounts of data to understand potential buyers and market conditions.
  • In the last decade, Google’s cost-per-click rage have grown explosively, so efficient decision making is more important than ever.

“Their Cinematch algorithm gathers unique data to determine which titles are shown to the user – and to populate their platform with shows their audience will enjoy.”

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