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What Is Content Seeding & How Does It Work? [Examples]

Jan 25, 2020 | Commentary

Content seeding is an effective way to grow a brand's awareness and leads. It involves a brand “planting” its content across a variety of platforms that are of interest to its target audience. One method of content seeding is partnering with a social media influencer to promote a product. Real world examples include Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame) doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, and the CEO of Spanx creating an entrepreneurship course on MasterClass.

Key Takeaways:

  • Content seeding is a marketing strategy that places information, promotion, and testimonials across a range of platforms to reach consumers.
  • Successful content seeding will take advantage of social media influencers as they have a close relationship with consumers and more homogeneous following.
  • There are a number of successful content seeding campaigns from chef Claire Saffitz and Bon Appetite to Mandy McEwen and LinkedIn, and Lin-Manuel Miranda and Reddit.

“Content seeding. But instead of planting zucchini seeds, marketers plant content to grow brand awareness and leads.”

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