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How to Promote Your Old Evergreen Content: 5 Tips

Jan 23, 2020 | Commentary

When you are trying to generate more traffic for your evergeen content, ensure that you don't forget to draw on your archive of articles and posts to entice readers. Maintain an inventory of your content and champion it as equally relevant to more recent articles. Assemble a schedule of when you will share such content on your various social media accounts. Link to similar posts in new content you publish. Organize several older articles in roundups. Optimize your more popular with social media ads and then convert.

Key Takeaways:

  • Evergreen content refers to articles or other content with information that will remain relevant and helpful for years.
  • You can use your new content to promote your evergreen content with “related posts” or similar toolbar items.
  • Another useful trick is to create roundups featuring several related pieces of evergreen content.

“When you determine that you should set up a schedule of how often you want that evergreen content to be shared via social media and your blog/website.”

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