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New study reveals which Google My Business features boost conversions

Jan 15, 2020 | Commentary

There are some features of Google My Business that can really boost your sales with improved and timely data concerning your business on your website. Google analytics keeps track of all the data for you so you can analyze what is working or not working to bring people to your site. A couple of the lesser know features of My Google Business are Description, Q&A and posts. Description lets you tell your story to whoever visits your site. Make it real and specific. Q&A allows your customer to ask questions and your answers are visible for all to see. Posts allow you to write articles about your business to let everyone know what is happening and what is coming in the future. My Google Business also allows you to receive feedback and or reviews. Not every comment needs to be answered but answering the ones that matter can increase your customer's reccomendations to others as well as keep them for a customer. When you use these Google My Business features you may see your business soar to heights you never imagined. Check them out today.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google has created an extremely large and comprehensive platform for multiple business service solutions
  • Replying to reviews left for your service see a higher rate of conversion from new customers
  • If you want additional reviews, reach out to your customers after their experience is completed or product has arrived

“The knowledge that reviews and responses to reviews can have such a big impact on conversions should not be your cue to solicit reviews from everyone you know. It also should not prompt you to start replying to every review that comes in.”

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