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9 Types of Video Every Business Must Have to Succeed

Jan 7, 2020 | Commentary

In order to reach new heights in video marketing, a diverse array of video types are necessary. Explainer videos are great for the new customer, as they inform buyers about a good or service and how it could benefit them; they focus on the concepts and reasoning behind the good or service. How-to videos are great for teaching, and especially for answering or dealing with questions that customers have, and webinars do this in a more detailed way. Promo videos are great for spreading the word about one's pages, while company culture videos do the same while also demonstrating a company's or brand's stance. Thought leadership videos are great for creating connections and establishing trust through one's particular lens or viewpoint of a subject. Demo videos and case study videos are great for convincing customers to choose a product or service. Lastly, personalized videos are great for involvement with customers and build closer ties.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many retailers understand that videos are a great marketing tool. What is not always understood is that reaching video marketing goals often requires an array of video types.
  • You will want to take your newbie browser that is just getting to know your offerings by the hand. And for that purpose, an explainer video is good.
  • How-to videos often address the concerns of potential buyers that are at the mid-funnel part of their buying journey.

“Product explainer videos are a useful format for explaining complicated products or services and increasing brand awareness. They are typically a high-level look at how the product solves a problem.”

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