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What’s Ahead for Social Media: Live Video, Influencers, and Content

Apr 5, 2017 | Commentary

A blogger recently attended a social media convention in San Diego, and presents three points of interest. First, he urges that companies use live video in its social media sites in order to keep up with competitors. He notes the popularity of live video on Facebook. He offers tips on live streaming, such reviewing connection speed and offering good sound quality. Second, he says companies should hire people who can influence others. Finally, he thinks the video must show good and effective content.

Key Takeaways:

  • Live streaming has become a social media must. Live stream good content and your customers will be engaged.
  • Co-create content with industry influencers. It will add value to your marketing strategy.
  • Your content needs to be interesting, unique, and informative. The more the customer is engaged, the more he/she will share it on social media.

“With a quarter of the breakout sessions addressing video this year, it’s clear that marketers need to keep video top-of-mind.”

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