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The Importance of URL Structure For SEO (And How To Use It)

Jan 29, 2020 | Commentary

The best URL for good SEO optimization is going to average between 35 and 40 characters. This is what the top ranked Google URL's are at the moment. This means that you don't need extra junk at the end of your URL because it's going to get ignored anyways. Consider using punctuation in your URL titles. Do not put dates in your URL's because they will be useless identifiers as far as search engine optimization goes. This also adds to the length in a way that you could use for keywords that will actually boost your content.

Key Takeaways:

  • SEMrush’s “Keyword Magic Tool” will help you find keywords and figure out which ones are easiest to rank in.
  • The top ranked URLs consist of between thirty-five and forty characters.
  • According to Backlinko, there's a notable correlation between shorter URLs and higher rankings.

“Increasingly, Google is replacing URLs in search results with breadcrumb displays.”

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