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Personal Preferences in Website Design: When Is It Ok?

Oct 31, 2019 | Commentary

The aesthetics of a website are prime contributors when it comes to whether or not the website is visually appealing to an individual viewer. Since everyone has their own preference, these aesthetics are considered inherently subjective. In order to determine when your own personal preference should be used over the general preference of your audience, you first need to collect quantitative data. This type of data is a great way to measure statistical information that can drive you to develop an aesthetically appealing design.

Key Takeaways:

  • Before a redesign plan is started, quantitative (numerical) and qualitative (heat maps) should be evaluated in concert to paint a clear picture of what users are doing on the website.
  • Communication between the website owners and the design team needs to be honest from both sides. Holding back costs time, resources and money, as well as risking creating bad feelings on both sides.
  • Personal preferences are crucial, must be implemented with selectivity and caution, so as not to compromise effective website design elements.

“Your web team needs to allow room for personal preference in the process, but it has to be done intentionally and at the right time.”

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