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How We Grew Blog Traffic by 650% in Two Years — Organically

Dec 23, 2019 | Commentary

Growing blog traffic by 650% in two years for a synthetic oil company (not the most exciting product to market) took a combination of attracting and enlisting volunteers among us willing to contribute some writing, strategic planning, staying flexible, a bit of technical know-how, and writing with a sense of fun, so the reader stays engaged. We gathered ideas from social media posts, questions asked by readers, and from each contributor's unique experiences and personality to create an army of writers who are invested, stakeholders in the blog. They have built an interesting blog, that entertains and informs readers, while concurrently increasing the sales of our product. Staying flexible, while at the same time, using some planning and structure in our execution allowed us to both utilize content tools to maximize viewing, and stay responsive to our readers and volunteer writers.

Key Takeaways:

  • If your writing team is swamped, consider reaching out to people throughout your client organization who might be willing to provide blog posts.
  • Use keyword and social media research tools to analyze your content and figure out what messages resonate with which audiences.
  • Let people’s individual writing styles be visible in the blog posts — it makes them sound more like a real person is writing them.

“We rallied around an unsexy topic — synthetic oil — and turned it into a creative outlet that moved product.”

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