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Best Practices for Creating Outstanding & Engaging Infographics via @lorenbaker

Nov 25, 2019 | Commentary

An effective infographic is one that has the ability to not only engage your audience, but educate them at the same time. Infographics come in three main types: data visualizations, information design, and editorial infographics. You first need to determine which data you will be using in the inforgaphic that you are creating. You can find which data will be most effective by analyzing the consumer data that you already have. Using this as a source will also look more trustworthy since it is coming from your own database.

Key Takeaways:

  • An infographic is a good way to visually understand any given topic.
  • It is best to define your audience before making an infograhic.
  • When using an infographic you should determine the metrics by which you will measure its success.

“Assets like infographics are the visual content you need to add to your content marketing mix”

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