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7 Simple Ways To Leverage User Generated Content

Jan 12, 2018 | Commentary

If you are wondering how you can leverage your user-generated content, there are several ways to do so. You can record testimonials from your customers or share your customers stories, which promotes them and shows that you have customers that are happy. Alternatively, you can have a more aggressive approach by challenging or engaging your customers. This approach gets them involved in your brand. You can also create events for your customers with meet-ups or webinars. Surveys are also a reliable way to get input about your customers. Finally, you can collaborate with all of your customers by including product reviews in your content, collect idea submissions, creating a forum, collect FAQs and other things to bring in customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • People trust peer experiences more than pure data and user generated content is the most effective.
  • Utilize social media to collaborate and reach new people through user content.
  • Incentivize customers sharing their experience in order to reach new potential consumers.

“It works. People trust their peers most. It’s that simple.”

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