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What Video Marketers Can Learn From 7 Emmy Nominated Commercials

Sep 21, 2019 | Commentary

There isn’t much left to be done that hasn’t already been done by someone else, creativity and originality can be difficult to come by but that doesn’t mean we can’t observe what is working well for others and apply that formula to our own project. In her new blog post, Pamela Bump looks at this formula when applied to commercials. She discusses which ones were successful and the elements of the commercial that made them shining examples for works of art to come.

Key Takeaways:

  • TV commercials are a baseline for online video marketers, and despite their big budgets, still hold true to basic marketing principles.
  • The keys to a good marketing campaign are increasing brand recognition, appealing to emotions, and basic storytelling.
  • The most popular commercials of the last two years fall into two distinct categories: stories about normal people and humor.

“Because more and more people prefer to learn about products through video, looking at popular commercials for marketing inspiration could be incredibly beneficial to your strategy.”

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