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Refurbishing Top Content – Best of Whiteboard Friday

Sep 29, 2019 | Commentary

Instead of searching for new content to drive site traffic, it's best to repurpose some of the sites best content into new medias. For example, if there is a popular article, it might behoove the content creator to turn the article into a video. From there, they can share the new, refurbished content across several social media platforms, reaching a broader audience. Then, they can check the metrics to see which sites grabbed the most followers, and repeat for success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Top-tier content is difficult to come by, so it's best to re-purpose it into new content whenever the chance arises.
  • Refurbish the best content on the website by changing it's media, like taking a popular article and turning it into a video.
  • Share the newly refurbished content on social media sites and measure the traffic data that comes from it.

“Analytics is so great for this and to further evaluate which of those pages are converting the highest, have the most engagements, and are bringing in most of your traffic.”

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