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Instagram Stories: What They Are and How to Make One Like a Pro

Dec 1, 2019 | Commentary

Social media now thrives on the documentation of where you go, what you're eating, and what you're doing at every moment. Instagram Stories is a feature that allows you to share this documentation through pictures and videos that stay up for exactly 24 hours. This means that they are considered ephemeral. Since over 250 million Instagram users claim to utilize the Stories feature, it is no wonder why it is a great way to increase customer engagement levels.

Key Takeaways:

  • Instagram Stories are similar to Snapchat because both disappear after 24 hours.
  • Instagram Stories are a great way to promote your brand without requiring your customers to have too much of an attention span.
  • Since Instagram Stories appear at the top of the user's mobile phone screen, they tend to generate a lot of engagement.

“As a blanket rule, the individual videos you add to your Instagram Story each have a maximum roll time of 15 seconds.”

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