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How to Get More Clicks on Your Facebook Ads

Jun 23, 2017 | Commentary

A blogger notes that advertising in Facebook has become very popular. Over a billion people look at Facebook every month. He gives several tips on how to maximize effectiveness of ads placed on Facebook. He emphasizes targeting one's client base by making sure the ad hits the right demographic audience. He gives a tutorial on how to do this. Other tips are to show smiles, use good images (not stock photos), show contrast, and to use catchy headlines.

Key Takeaways:

  • Facebook has millions and millions of users per day, so it's worth a lot of money to be able to successfully market on Facebook
  • It's crucial to pick the right audience for your ad, so make sure you're careful as you narrow down the location/interests for your ad
  • In the end, you ad needs to grab people's attention to get noticed. Employ a great title to the post/great images

“You need to use proven principles and psychological triggers that we know for a fact people respond to. By following the formula I described, you should most definitely improve your CTR and get the most bang for your buck with Facebook Ads.”

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