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How to Do Brand Storytelling in 3 Successful Ways

Feb 9, 2020 | Commentary

Good brand storytelling reflects all that a brand is, from its history to its characters and its mission. It is not simply about products and services. One way to approach brand storytelling is by providing data-driven insights. A second method is to focus on audience needs. The idea is that the audience, not the brand, is in control. A third method is to become a news outlet, as exemplified by industry news site Traction News. However you do it, the key to brand storytelling is, ultimately, to tell people not just what you do, but why you do it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Like any other story, your brand’s story should include narrative elements such as a defined setting, distinct characters, and a clear climax and denouement.
  • You can figure out your brand’s story by looking at its history, its mission and purpose, and major characters who have played a role along the way.
  • You need to go past just explaining your products or services, so that audiences understand why your business even exists.

“Done well, brand storytelling can be not only a differentiator but a memorable opportunity to draw and engage an audience.”

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