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Everything You Need to Know About Landing Page Design

Oct 27, 2019 | Commentary

Consumers who a browsing websites typically take an average of seven seconds to decide if they are going to stay, so it's imperative to have an engaging, visually-appealing landing page for your website. First, you'll want to have a responsive design, which optimizes viewing on any type of device. Then, you'll want to follow a few design parameters like knowing your audience, establishing your landing page's purpose, choosing a design software, and writing captivating headlines. From a visual perspective, you'll want to make the page visually stunning, and ensure that it works. Within all this, it's important to keep your design simple and on-brand.

Key Takeaways:

  • Almost every business in the world has a web page, so yours has to make a positive first impression.
  • A web page with a responsive design will reformat itself automatically to fit any type of screen size or device.
  • As you plan your landing page, keep your target audience in mind and design the page to appeal to their needs.

“Effective landing page design is on-brand, includes your product or service and company information, and incorporates relevant offers and calls-to-action (CTAs).”

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