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4 Things Every Successful Email Marketing Campaign Needs

Oct 3, 2019 | Commentary

As a concept, email marketing can seem overwhelming to think about at first. However, dividing the many separate elements that make it up makes the task of thinking about this difficult topic much more manageable. Four pivotal components that go into email marketing include the creation of appealing landing pages, the accumulation of a subscriber base, the maintenance of a high quality address list, and, finally, running all emails through a test release in order to identify and eliminate any errors prior to sending them out en masse.

Key Takeaways:

  • A poorly designed landing page can scare off potential customers, so it's worthwhile to invest the time and care necessary to create an appealing one
  • A large base of email subscribers can translate easily into greater numbers of leads and sales, and therefore greater profits
  • Putting all emails through a practice run prior to sending them en masse will allow you the chance to catch and correct any potential errors

“Instead of trying to improve your email marketing as a whole, it’s better to break it down into important components and improve each component separately.”

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