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4 Big Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Marketing Personas

Jan 14, 2018 | Commentary

Basically as a marketer, one needs to be on top of their personas or profiles in order to make complete use of one. If it’s outdated, not containing the right information then in all essence it’s worthless, time-consuming and leads to nowhere. As time goes on people change, and marking personas change, one must adapt them and share with the group or team members. They might have helpful suggestions that are being left on the table. Using said profiles allows people to connect easier.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stay away from lab-grown personas because they may not be realistic
  • Share your personas with your co-workers so they can share in your success and walk the same walk
  • Update your persona to match the times because there is nothing worse than feeling the 1980s in that tried and true persona.

“Personas–when built and used correctly–are a very effective way to channel real empathy for your buyers.”

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