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The Beauty of McNear Park in Petaluma, CA

McNear Park in Petaluma, California, is a stunning park that truly deserves the title “Jewel of Sonoma County.” Situated right on the edge of the Petaluma River, McNear Park is found directly beneath the Golden Gate Bridge and offers beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay and the Marin Headlands. Information can be found here.

McNear Park is known for its wide range of attractions the whole family can enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax, picnic, jog, or play, this park has it all. For visitors looking for a scenic spot to relax and enjoy the sun, there are plenty of benches, grills, and picnic tables scattered around the park. Visitors looking for more active recreation can take advantage of the Basketball Courts that are located near the parking lot or the newly resurfaced Tennis Courts, where visitors can challenge one another in a game of tennis. Visitors with children can take advantage of the playground and various play structures, providing hours of entertainment and fresh air. There are also plenty of walking and jogging trails throughout the park, offering a perfect place to take a scenic stroll or workout. McNear Park is an especially popular spot among bird lovers and photographers. Filled with a wide range of bird species, this park provides a great opportunity to spot or photograph a variety of birds. Another popular feature of McNear Park is its fishing pier on the Petaluma River. See here for information about The Petaluma Collective Antique and Militaria Mall in Petaluma, CA.