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Petaluma Historical Library & Museum, Petaluma, CA

Visiting the Petaluma Historical Library & Museum is a great way to spend your day in beautiful Petaluma, California. Located in the heart of downtown Petaluma, this public facility is one of the most unique and exciting places to explore the history of the historic city. The Library & Museum houses a wealth of information on the vibrant history of the area and showcases its colorful past for all to appreciate. The Petaluma Historical Library & Museum has a well-curated collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents related to the area’s past. You can learn about the city’s history through its collection of old newspapers and magazines, rare books, and family histories. The Library also houses an extensive research room which helps visitors discover more information about the area’s past. It is also home to a variety of interesting displays and exhibitions, each focusing on a particular aspect of the city’s history. Learn more here.

The Petaluma Historical Library & Museum also offers a variety of educational events, such as lectures, workshops, and symposiums. Each of these programs provides visitors with an in-depth insight into the history of the area. The Library even provides special tours of the museum, allowing visitors to get close to the pieces of art and artifacts that have been preserved in the building over the years. In addition to its educational offerings, the Petaluma Historical Library & Museum also provides a range of activities for families. From art projects to historical scavenger hunts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. There’s even a mini-theater for those who want to experience a piece of the city's history in a unique way. Learn more about McNear Park, Petaluma, CA.