Need a website, like... YESTERDAY??

Ok, ok… so we can’t help with yesterday.
But how about a gorgeous, professional design,
delivered in 48 hours or less?

48 Hour Web Design


  • Turn Around: 48 hours (after receipt of website content information)
  • Theme Setup & Basic Customization
  • Modern Scrollable, Single Page Design Layout
  • 5 Sections Included.  Most sites will feature:  Logo/Header, About, Services, Portfolio and Contact
  • SEO and Security plugin setup
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Responsive Website
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Website Installation (time to perform this may fall outside the 48 hour design period if the website is not built on the live domain)
  • Support: 15 Days


  • Branding (header/logo design)
  • Email Setup
  • Premium Plugins
  • Changing Hosting & Domain Location
  • Lifetime Support
  • Hosting & Domain Costs
  • Website Copy/Content/Images


  • You are in a pinch for a GREAT looking website
  • You’ve realized your website is not mobile friendly and you are losing multiple potential customers on a daily basis because they cannot navigate your site – time to fix this, STAT!
  • You don’t need a ton of features or pages (at least for now, all of that can always be added later)
  • You will send us a list of colors, content and imagery that you want – and trust that we’ll put it all together it out in an efficient, and professional looking manner.
  • You’ve considered trying out WIX, Weebly or Godaddy website builder or some other DIY “builder” type tool to get it done quickly – DON’T DO IT!  We get paid thousands of dollars every month to move people away from these platforms after people realize how unprofessional they look, how non-flexible they are, how difficult they are to work with, and how non-SEO friendly they are.  We’ll be happy to take that job, but I’m guessing you won’t be so happy to come to that expensive realization.
  • You don’t have time to be super picky about making 10 rounds of changes and tweaking the font color back and forth from dark grey to medium grey – you just need it done fast (and done well).


  • You aren’t under any sort of time crunch
  • You tend to be very particular about the getting the colors, fonts, images and layout “JUST PERFECT” – even if that means making 4 or 5 or 10 revisions or back and forth changes, before giving it the “ok”
  • You need more extensive customizations to the theme or layout, in order to get the look that you want.
  • You are in need premium features like shopping cart functionality, social media integration, etc
  • You require multiple custom layouts for different pages beyond the homepage

How does it work:

  1. You contact us (below) to confirm that our schedule has availability for a 48 hour web design project.
  2. Once confirmed, full payment will need to be made up front (this is the only web design plan that requires 100% up front payment – due to the short timelines involved).
  3. We’ll send you the project questionairre and folder.  You’ll need to complete that and send it back to us along with the content and any photos that you wish to use for each section of the site.
  4. Once we receive your files and have verified that we have all necessary information, we will email back with a confirmation – this confirmation serves to “start the clock”.  We will send you back the completed website design within 48 hours (not including weekends) – or your design is FREE!!

NOTE:  If we are building your site on a test domain, or sub domain of your existing/live site, additional time may be required after the design process is completed, to push your site to your live domain.  This time is not included as part of the 48 hour guarantee.


Once you send my design - can I request changes?

Our 48 hour design plan comes with 1 round of revisions, to correct any mistakes that may have been made based off of your requests in the questionaire.  Revisions are not included as part of the 48 hour design period, although we will do our best to make any necessary changes as quickly as possible.  To avoid what can often turn into an endless back and forth of small tweaks or changes – all revision requests must be made in one complete list.  When you receive your first draft, please look over it carefully and make a complete list of all edits and/or changes that you want made.  After your first revision – if any additional changes are requested, they will be billed at our hourly rate ($100/hr).

Can I add more content or pages after you deliver the site to me?

ABSOLUTELY!!   The beauty of WordPress, is how easy it is for everyday professionals to use, and add additional content.   While this package only includes creation of a single page high quality design, the look of the site is dynamic and will extend to any new posts or pages that you may choose to create down the road.

Do you create the design on my live site?

For the 48 hour design plan only, you have the option to have the design built on your live site, or on one of our test servers.   If it is built on an existing site or WordPress install, we will activate a maintenance page until the site is approved, so that the design updates won’t be seen by live customers.   Please note, time required to move the new design from our test server to your live site is not included within the 48 hour guarantee.  Once the site is made live on your site, the project is considered complete – any additional changes/updates that are requested, will be billed at our hourly rate.

How does the payment work?

Due to the short timelines involved, 100% up front payment is required for all 48 hour design projects.

I love my new design! Do you have a referral program?

Yes!!  We are so grateful for our clients and their referrals, and count on them as a large percentage of our new business.  You can read about our referral program here.

“I Need A Website, STAT!”

For the fastest response on your urgent project, please call us at (707) 205-3600. We also check email regularly and should get back to you within 2-4 hours for 48 hour requests.

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